Monday, 28 August 2017

Understanding Yourself

Understanding other people has its complications however sometimes understanding yourself and the way that you think or feel can be even more frustrating. Has there ever been a time where you have been confused or angry about the way that you feel? Feeling this can then make you more upset and bring you down but it is good to remember that this is completely normal. By understanding the way that you feel and think you will be able to have more control over your state of mind and also the way that you portray yourself to others.

One of the first things to consider is doubt. You may find yourself doubting your abilities and comparing yourself to others that you may consider better than you, this needs to stop. When you doubt yourself you completely underestimate your abilities and can even achieve less than you are capable of. Yes, there may be someone that is more qualified than you or someone that you just constantly compare yourself to but this should not stop you from working hard and achieving. Looking up to someone as a role model is a great way to motivate yourself or make you feel more confident however do not allow that to consume you to the point of constant comparrisons and doubting. Look up to someone as motivation or inspiration, not as a chance for self criticism. 

When you compare yourself to other people you will tend to put yourself down, however there are many things that you can do that someone else can't do and you need to remember this when you are feeling self critical as it will stop you from slowing yourself down and encourage you to continue working hard towards your goals. When you think about the things you are good at you will automatically find ways to work those strengths into the tasks you are undertaking. This could be a logical or creative solution but it will make the tasks more personal to you and further encourage you to fight for them. Don't focus on how someone else does something, simply focus on your capabilities and eventually you will realise that you are equal to the people that you once looked up to.

One of the most important parts of understanding yourself is trust. You need to trust in your decisions and know that what you are feeling or thinking is nothing to be ashamed of. When you trust the way that you are feeling you will find that you are more comfortable with dealing with emotions and problems which overall can greatly improve your state of mind. Know that what you are going through may be confusing, but don't tell yourself that it's "not right" just say that it "is right now" and this will begin to put everything into perspective. Even if something is not going the way you initially wanted, some things can't be changed and you might need to just ride it out, by telling yourself that it "is right now" it will assure you that what you are going through isn't necessarily permanent and there are decisions you can make in the future that can completely change your path. It is just knowing what you want when the opportunity arrives and preparing yourself for change.

When you open yourself up to trust, other people will also begin to trust you more. They will trust in your decisions and your authority whilst you are trusting your own abilities. This will greatly improve your confidence and others confidence in your capabilities. Remember that you could be someone's role model without even realising it, people might look up to you for your strength, personality and abilities, so your confidence and positivity can greatly impact on someone else's life. 

Now, lets talk about the importance of you. There are extraordinary things about you that you may not even realise, you are unique, but most of all you are a 1 in 100 million chance. The chance of you existing is so slim that it shouldn't be possible and yet here you are! You have dreams, ambitions, drive and many more things that make you the person you are. You are so unique that one decision from you can completely change your life as well as someone else's and yet sometimes it is so easy to forget the importance and unlikeliness of you. When you are feeling stuck or confused remember that you are so important that every decision you make leads to something, just like every decision your parents made lead to you. Granted this doesn't mean that you should worry about how every decision is going to effect your life and give things more weight than they should have, however it does mean that you are more important than you could have ever imagined and you should embrace your uniqueness because sometimes that can be your defining feature. 

For more information and insight into the unlikeliness of you please view Emma Blackery (Feel Good 101: The Unlikeliness of You) -

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