Monday, 3 July 2017

The Power of Positive Thinking

Neuro science is providing us with evidence that when we are thinking and feeling positive our minds release positive chemicals in our bodies. Positivity is an energy that is felt and experienced by others too. We have heard people say how 'that person has a certain air about them'. Is this positivity?

Positive attitudes attract positive realities, the opposite occurs when we are negative. Shown below are some methods, decisions and life changes that can encourage positivity in your life.

  • Understanding Positivity

To fully understand positivity, you must first understand your own negativity and the reasons why you surround yourself with negative energy. Spend some time considering the parts of your life, social or private, that you allow negativity to control, work to understand the cause of this uncertainty and focus on a positive, constructive solution.

Positivity is not just a state of mind, it is a choice. You choose how you respond to things, you choose how you process information and you can choose positivity over negativity in your life. Minimise your negative thoughts by assessing the situation and finding the silver lining to that grey cloud. It is all about changing your perspective and developing a new outlook on life (for more information please visit the previous post about a different perspective). 

One element of your life that could be bringing you a lot of negativity is fear. Do not let your fears hold you back, instead, focus on facing your fears and developing an immunity to irrational fears and negative thinking. One of the most common fears is the fear or criticism. It has the power to hold people back from doing what they want in life as it can feel like a harsh judgement rather than constructive, this also coincides with the fear of rejection. 

Criticism can be handled in an incredibly healthy way to help reduce the fear and emotional pain of criticism. First, take some time to process the criticism before you respond to it, just step back, take a deep breath and then respond in a calm and mature manner. Second, think about how the criticism can help you, is it constructive? If so, it has been said with you in mind and should be thoroughly considered before discarding. Third, when someone is lashing out and criticising you without any prompting on your part, do not take it to heart. Understand that the criticism is not focused at you and instead you were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and have become a target so that the critic can blow off steam. Finally, reply to the criticism or let it go. If you are confused then you ask for more information, if you disagree then you discuss it, however if you are getting no answers or are feeling attacked then it is time to step away from the situation and simply let it go.

  • Positivity Involving Others in Your Life

Surrounding yourself in positivity will also improve your outlook on life because positivity attracts positivity. Spend time with friendly and authentic people that encourage positivity and are compatible with your personality. Doing good deeds and practicing gratitude towards others attracts positivity towards you. Focus on what you are grateful for, in your personal life as well as the people around you. Tell others that you appreciate them, support them in a way that you want to be supported by them, this will attract positivity into your relationships and encourage positive thinking in the people around you. 

There will be people that are not open to positivity and refuse to accept any actions of kindness, sometimes these people just need some encouragement however if they are bringing negativity into your life and are not supporting you it is time to let them go. Some people expect everything from you however never want to return the favours that you offer and you do not need to have your positivity compromised, simply remove these people from your life and move on. As well as removing negative people from your life, also remember that no one is perfect. Do not make snap judgements, instead give people a chance to show their character before disconnecting from them.

  • Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Your body language can have a massive impact on your mind. (please refer to the previous post about building confidence for more information on body language) Stand straight, shoulders back, hold your chin high. Feel powerful, but most importantly, Feel positive! 

Smile. The act of smiling can instantly improve your mood, even if you don't feel like you have anything to smile about, a simple happy expression will make you seem more approachable, more friendly and more comfortable. Another way to feel more comfortable in your body is to meditate. (Please refer to the posts about Pain Management and De-Cluttering the Mind for in depth meditation methods and the benefits of meditation.) 

A positive mindset and good behaviour towards others is not something that can be criticised and should be practiced much more often than it is. Focus your energy on positivity and this will be reflected back onto you. 

There is nothing negative about being positive.

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