Monday, 29 May 2017

The Importance Of Goal Setting

Setting goals is a brilliant way to organise your mind and bring you closer to accomplishing great things in your life. To some, goal setting is a word that is normally thrown around during time in educational facilities such as school or college to help with completing subjects and projects, however, setting a goal or two for yourself can greatly improve your motivation as well as reduce stress throughout your day to day life. Shown below are multiple reasons why goal setting is incredibly important at any stage of your life, be it educational, personal or professional.

  • Goal setting motivates you:

Having a goal written down with a deadline for yourself allows for you to organise your time and prioritise tasks. Without setting yourself a goal and or a completion date you will begin your tasks full of motivation and eventually that excitement will begin to wane as the multiple projects are cluttering your mind, setting a goal will help with time management as well as motivation as it is a written representation of your wants and needs, it is a constant reminder of what you need to accomplish to move forward and most importantly it is something that you have set yourself to complete so it is personal to you and therefore will give you the motivation to work through, even at times when focus dwindles, motivation will keep you strong. (please view the previous post on motivation for more information)

  • Smaller goals can be set to achieve a larger accomplishment:

When a goal seems to large to complete it can be incredibly intimidating, however, it can be dissected and analysed to reveal smaller stepping stones towards achieving that final larger goal. To do this you will need to review what you want to achieve and break the task down into multiple achievable targets, by doing this you will be able to work individually on each part of the larger goal but you will feel more relaxed and motivated with the completion of numerous tasks that are easier to achieve. You will still be working towards what you originally set out to achieve but you are allowing yourself more time for reflection as well as less stress with the use of time management. (refer to the previous post on decluttering the mind for more information)

  • Completing goals improves self confidence:

Confidence can be achieved in many ways, one of which is setting goals for yourself. Even if they are very small and can be completed in a few minutes, an achieved goal will improve the way you look at yourself and your way of working. Do not criticise yourself, focus on what you want and how you are going to achieve it and the confidence will come, with organisation and an understanding of yourself you will feel more confident in your decisions in life. Each goal will become easier to achieve and it will develop into confidence in yourself. (please view the previous post on building self confidence for more information)

  • You can reflect on what you have and haven't completed:

Keeping a goal in your mind can be effective however it is always best to write down every goal that you set yourself and complete, this will allow for you to reflect on your past achievements in a new light and consider the ways that you worked towards those accomplishments. By writing down your goals you can re-evaluate your working and consider improvements that you can make on future execution of tasks.

If you haven't completed a goal or you feel like there were problems with the tasks that you set for yourself, consider the reasons why this happened, did you lack motivation? Were you easily distracted? if so then you may not be passionate about the goal that you set or you could have set yourself too large of a task so that it became intimidating in your mind, if this is the case then spend some time working on decluttering your mind (please see previous post) and re-evaluate the decisions that you have made during the completion of that task so that you know that the next time a goal with a similar context is set you can control the execution of the task in a much more efficient manner.

  • Goals help you have more of an understanding of yourself:

Truly knowing yourself is challenging because your mind and views can change, goals through your life can definitely bring you more of an understanding of yourself and your own thinking as they show you what you really want. Passion for your goals shows you what you honestly want to know or do, therefore you need to set yourself personalised tasks rather than the more common life goals such as "Lose a little weight" instead, choose something more personal to you and you will feel much more motivated to complete the goal.

By choosing a goal that is more personal to you, you can step back occasionally and evaluate your current success, only you will know the steps that you want to take to complete your tasks and working towards your passion will reveal a lot about your personality and management of tasks. Simply step back, re-assess and if needs be re-allocate your time to advance towards your desired accomplishments.

  • Setting goals comes with rewards in life:

Goal setting comes with multiple rewards in life, the first being a strong sense of accomplishment which builds your self confidence and shows you that you are capable of achieving substantial things in your life. Another reward is a small but powerful one, it is relief, when you finish something that you have always wanted to you will feel a great relief, this relief will be very exhilarating and you will want to jump straight into another goal but before you do, step back, take some time to allow for your mind to settle and then start your next journey.

Self improvement is one of the stronger rewards from goal setting, you will begin to develop a personalised method for completing your goals and achieving your desires. Another area of self improvement through goal setting is knowing what is important to you, your passion for your goals and your motivation to complete them will show you how passionate you are about your chosen tasks, even through the times when you are feeling tired, unfocused or want to procrastinate. Knowing what is important to you is a great way to reflect on your past decisions and improve on your execution of current and future goals in life.

Do not force yourself into large intimidating tasks straight away, focus on small changes first and then develop into working towards more significant transformations in time. Goal setting will show you that you can work towards whatever you want to achieve and you will accomplish many goals as long as you are passionate and work for them. Goal setting improves confidence, passion, determination, and self empowerment. In its essence it identifies you as the master of your own life. 

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