Monday, 20 March 2017

Neurolanguage Coaching Conference

Extremely proud to have been asked to give a talk and presentation on motivation at the Worlds 1st Neurolanguage Conference in Mainz, Germany on 9th 10th March 2017. Specialists in language and neuroscience coaching came along to participate in this exciting and innovative 2 day conference. 
The next event in 2018 will be held in Edinburgh, there are not yet any dates set however we are all looking forward to attending another great conference. 

Monday, 13 March 2017

Neurolanguage Coaching Conference

This was the world´s first Neurolanguage Conference held in Mainz Germany, language specialists, professional coaches and trainers from around the world joined Rachel Paling the CEO of Neurolanguage Coaching for this outstanding conference. 

The conference consisted of two days that were filled with presentations and thought-sharing throughout which focused on delivering  new approaches to education and learning, this heralded that learners rather than being taught by old fashioned and outdated teaching styles are now encouraged to learn more efficiently with educators who enhance the learning process with practical reflections of neuroscience, heart science, emotional intelligence and Neurolanguage coaching. The results so far have been absolutely outstanding.

In reference to my previous blog update, my role in this conference and learning process was to encourage motivation and goal setting in coaching, the feedback for my sessions has been amazing and enlightening as it has allowed me to discover just how well received and needed motivation and goal setting is in any learning and coaching process. As well as myself, all other speakers received just as much positive feedback. 

We are now looking forward to the upcoming event next year in Edinburgh, Scotland where once again learners and trainers from around the world will be encouraged and invited to join in with the quest to enhance the learning process, bringing the learning process into the 21st century.  Neurolanguage communication and coaching is a part of this transition.

I wish to thank Rachel Paling as well as all the speakers and participants for such an amazing experience. Rachel is a stand alone pioneer integrating neuroscience into language coaching. I felt immensely proud to be be part of this amazing and transforming experience. Rachel you are an inspiration to your trainers and learners alike.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017


In my work I have realised that there is a sense of purposeful motivation which to me is comparable to an unspoken language and its power is silent. This is the power of belief and it comes from your gut, glows in your heart and sharpens your mind. Belief is a very powerful feeling, its presence is felt like a wave of energy that can knock down walls, overcome mountains and make the impossible possible. The late great actress Audrey Hepburn made a fantastic observation of her inspiring self belief by changing the word 'impossible' to 'I'm possible'.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation - Turning energy into performance.

Motivational Confidence - Reinforcing your motivation with confidence building strategies. 

Motivating People - Motivating people using creative language techniques.

Motivation and Reward - Keeping yourself and your team focused on the goal.

In todays increasingly hectic and changeable society it could be considered that stress and anxiety are the often hidden demons in industry. Stress and unresolved anxiety issues form a complex subject, that has a huge impact on both social and working situation. however, as research and understanding both improves and increases, the relevant help and support is becoming more widely available. 

One aspect of the work that Mind Power Skills undertakes is to provide therapeutic support and often practical solutions required by teams, schools and companies in dealing with stress management.

'Be the best, that you can be'